About Dan & Melissa

Both of us have spent many years in the corporate arena and now work from home, doing what we love. We have been leading self-esteem and visioning workshops in Dallas, TX for over five years, creating a safe and empowering community that supports self-growth.

We are both published authors. Melissa has written Conversations With Nature. My book is The Elusive Here & Now. We have co-authored The Self-Esteem Playbook.

We also run a successful company distributing high quality raw superfoods and providing nutritional information and support to help people restore and maintain wellness. For over three years, we have been hosting raw superfood dinners and classes in Dallas. We are an awesome team.

About Dan
DanI left the world of test engineering after 19 years in the semiconductor industry, shortly after my third marriage fell apart. My self-esteem was at its lowest as that marriage ended. It was a wakeup call that got me questioning my beliefs.

This led me to take the 9-day Avatar® course in 1997, which I credit for opening my mind and unleashing my creativity in the form of uplifting poetry. I was so transformed by this course, that I chose to become an Avatar Master and Wizard, fully licensed to guide others through this powerful awakening.

After six or seven years of rather intense personal growth and the corresponding poems it inspired, I created my book, The Elusive Here & Now. In the process of illustrating this book, I discovered that I have a love and natural talent for nature photography, which I have since developed into an ongoing business.

I have explored many healing modalities, my favorites being Reconnective Healing and Matrix Energetics. I am also drawn to rocks and their healing energies and I create beautiful wire-wrapped pendants with them. Based on all the things I am called to do, I consider myself to be a healing artist. 

My path of rebuilding my self-esteem and transforming my own life into one I enjoy living, impassioned me about helping others to own their brilliance and feel good about themselves. My poetry and my writing seem to be the things that most propel my growth. My SpiritWire website is dedicated to building self-esteem and sharing my inspirational uplifting poetry.

About Melissa
MelissaI was a management consultant for many years, providing business advice, project management expertise, and marketing analysis to Seattle-area companies (Microsoft, Amazon.com, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Deloitte & Touche).  I was really good at my job, but I always felt like I had to stuff my real self into a square hole in order to fit in and be successful.

On my ongoing journey of personal growth I found that life coaching was a better fit for the uplifting impact I want to have on the world, so I transitioned out of the corporate sector and stretched my wings as a heart-centered entrepreneur.

The journey is never done, and what started as life coaching I now refer to as life upgrading, as I help my clients find the freedom to be who they really are with heart-based Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching, specialized Law of Attraction tools, and the sustained physical / emotional support that comes from eating raw superfoods.

When Dan and I came together, I recognized how valuable focusing on Self-Esteem is for the Law of Attraction based visioning work I was doing. When you feel good about yourself it's so much easier to visualize a positive future, stay in an uplifted vibration while taking inspired action towards your vision, and actually receive with a sense of worthiness all the good that is flowing into your life.

Our work together has created a safe, nurturing and empowering environment for many people to find clarity on their own life journey, stretch their wings and fly. I love that!


We love seeing you shine your light brightly. It helps light the way for us all.

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